Redwan Hamzah is a composer, musician and educator.

Guitar player/writer for artistes such as Sezairi, Tim De Cotta and Din Ilango, his past twelve years of musical experiences have allowed him to grace stages all over; ASEAN-IMF (India-Seher), Laneway, Baybeats, Shine, Ignite!, Earth Hour, Music Matters, Streetfest.

He has been interfacing with different disciplines both as a composer and in an improvisatory context, being part of a Dance Nucleus project and also recently completing Dock 65, a dance production in collaboration with Hong Guofeng, Christina Chan and Sigma Contemporary Dance Company.

Currently writing music for various projects, he aims to bridge explorations of his Javanese roots with a search for balance between harmony, melody and technology.

He is passionate about education, and currently runs an education company, Insyncsg, as well as teaching privately.

“I have been playing music with Redwan for the better part of the last 10 years. He possesses incredible technical capabilities as well as an intimate soulfulness to his playing that is hard to come by. Well-known for his attention to detail and care for whatever he works on, Redwan is always on the top of my list for a session or gig call.”

Sezairi • Recording Artist, Cat Dad