as an artist



This was my first ever released track as an artist. A guitar-driven song that was written in a headspace of limbo, confusion and hope. I had a lot of fun recording everything and mixing it, and the track features two of my dear friends on drums (Matt Raham) and bass (Luqman Hakim).

Unsound Bodies

Sound + Movement Improv

Unsound Bodies is a collective of sound and movement artists. It began as an experiment in understanding improvisational languages in space, exploring the different ways that multidisciplinary elements can work together.

The Ripple

together with Naz, Adip, Farhan, Matt Raham

This was a band I formed and wrote/arranged music for as part of a street dance competition. We played live while contestants battled it out on the dance-floor, with the music having a lovely mix of arrangements and organic improv in response to the movement and energy of the dancers.

Weaving Worlds

together with Ora

This was a work performed at Esplanade, involving interdisciplinary elements of poetry, music and voice. We played with the spaces between structure and improvisation, and created the work based on this fluid space of uncertainty.