Released Works

Past and current releases, with updates on any new and upcoming work.

Dock 65

Redwan Hamzah

A body of work that was composed in collaboration with the brilliant choreographers Hong Guofeng, Christina Chan, and the lovely dancers of Sigma Contemporary Dance company.

Upcoming Albums

Dock 65 is a body of work composed for a dance production, my first dance production, and in many ways the first time I’ve composed a body of work as a solo artist. I experimented with so many things, and found myself finding an artistic voice that seems to resonate on some strange vibrating level with people. I also started singing, which is interesting.

I believe I’ve hit some kind of stride in terms of the balance between technology and composition, and look forward to releasing the rest of the tracks in January. These tracks will include vocally-driven music, and live tracks from the show itself.

Thank you Guofeng and Christina for taking a chance on me, and thank you all of you at Sigma Contemporary Dance for being so profoundly positive and loving day in, day out. You all dance so beautifully, and you have moved me immensely. I hope to see you again soon. Dock 65, the album will be the first thing I release under my name, and I quite like that.

“Working with Redwan on Dock 65 has been such a wonderful experience. His music has a joyful inner groove and is both intricate and simple in ways that will make you smile. He is incredibly versatile, easily combining ambient contemporary sound with more melodic music and moving easily between improvisation and his own compositions, creating a cadence and a “dance” that is both raw and graceful…

Christina Chan • Independent Dance Artist