Guitar Lessons

Over the course of my own playing and learning journey, I have come to understand musical hurdles one may face at any point of time – transitioning cleanly between chords, synchronization problems, left-hand strength and dexterity, understanding music theory and applying it to the guitar, wanting to expand chordal vocabulary, wanting to play fingerstyle guitar, wanting to improve sight-reading abilities, wanting to write more interesting guitar parts and solos, wanting to be able to play our favourite songs to a high level of execution, wanting to develop a personal voice and identity… etc.

Some of that may sound familiar to you, or you may even be facing one of these things head-on right about now.

Through years of teaching and a curiosity in learning how people learn, I have formulated solutions, syllabuses and lesson plans all geared towards helping someone along in their musical journey, creating structures of time that will make progress feel effortless.

With a passion for education, and having taught for many years in various positions – I am a co-founder of a music education company Insyncsg and also teach privately. I have over twelve years of teaching experience, holding a Diploma in Music Teaching (Level 6) and Grade 8 Guitar from Rockschool UK.

Lesson plans will be customised to each individual student. I conduct trial lessons, so if you feel at the end of the first lesson that I am not a suitable teacher for you, that lesson will be free of charge! If you’d wish to continue, we will discuss fee structure and more details in person then.

Drop a line below to arrange your trial lesson!

“I’ve had a number of guitar teachers over time. Redwan was by far the best. He is always attentive, focused on the lesson, and makes each session a lot of fun.”

Leo Drago

    “Redwan has been teaching me (I am 50+ years old) guitar for over the last three months. What does one look for in a guitar teacher? For me it is three Cs: competence, commitment and customised teaching. Not only is he a master player himself, but he is also a master teacher.

    He breaks things down to help you learn complex stuff. He pays acute attention to your hand movements and suggests the right strategies for improvement. His teaching sessions are rigorous, and he really pushes you beyond your mental barriers. At the same time, he is inspiring.

    Bottomline: I have made a significant amount of progress in my guitar playing skills since I started learning from him.”

    Atul Mathur