Session Work

I have played on a number of recordings over the years, some of which have become #1 hits in their various industries. Creating guitar parts or as I like to call them, guitar universes, is highly enjoyable for me: blending a multitude of appropriate textures with strong groove and harmonic choices, always in service of song. I love doing session work, be it live or in the studio.

I am able to record remotely, armed with a vast array of guitar tones and effects. You will find below samples of work I’ve done in various stylistic landscapes.

Work Reel 2018

Redwan Hamzah

Work reel from 2018. A compilation of live and studio work.

Work Reel 2017

Redwan Hamzah

Work reel from 2017. A compilation of live and studio work.

“Redwan thinks differently. He doesn’t just think as a guitarist or as a faculty of his knowledge and skills on the guitar, but he thinks about how to make music as a fellow human being. Think of him as a musical advisor!

He is one of the best sessionists I’ve ever had the pleasure to work and learn from, as he doesn’t just help your music say what you want it to say but he says it from his heart and understanding of who the people around him and who they are as people; not just musicians. This sensitivity is also leading him towards becoming a great producer as well!

He is uniquely creative, as a creator and thinker and that’s what makes him an asset to any group, production, company or studio he has worked with.”

Tim De Cotta, Artiste